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René-Marc (Ramses)
October 4th, 2010

Quick Sci-Fi Guide
Click here for PREDATOR 2
Predator 2

Plot: While fighting a battle with drug lords, a police chief discovers a being that slowly starts to slaughter the criminals in a sadistic fashion. As the invisible hunter kills off the drug lords and fellow officers, the police chief discovers that the visitor, an extraterrestrial big game hunter, has targeted him as its next victim...

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Classic Sci-Fi
Click here for QUANTUM PROJECT
Quantum Project

Plot: Story of physicist and prodigy Paul Pentcho, whose exploration of the quantum universe leads him on a collision course with life, destiny, and true love...

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Sci-Fi Artist Database
Sci-Fi Artist Database James
director, producer, writer
Click here for James CameronJames Cameron and science fiction are indivisible. Discover some more on this surprise personality... Click here!
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Did You Know?
The Matrix
The license plate number of the Agents' car is 70858. Coincidentally (or not?), Kevin Bacon's birthday is 7/08/58.
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Sci-Fi Movie:
Click here for PREDATOR 2
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Sci-Fi Artist:
Click here for JAMES CAMERON
James Cameron
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Sci-Fi Movie:
Click here for QUANTUM PROJECT
> more... 

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