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ALIEN³ The Facts

Multiple proposed scripts caused misleading advertising which implied that the movie would be set on Earth. William Gibson also drafted a script in which Ripley spent most of the film in a coma.

Original script had the alien impregnating a cow, not a dog.

Although the alien that hatched from the dog was a rod puppet, early filmed tests used an actual dog in an alien costume.

Hungarian title translated back to English: "Final Solution: Death."

Alien3 was heavily edited before its theatrical release. The following list includes most of the allegedly deleted scenes, a lot of which would have fleshed out the characters and themes much more satisfactorily if they had been left in:
  • Just before the autopsy, there is a scene with Clemens, Ripley, and Prisoner Kevin walking down the spiral stairs into the morgue where Clemens questions Ripley about her need to ascertain Newt's death and also asks her if Newt was her daughter;
  • Just before Ripley enters the mess Hall with her newly shaved head after the funeral, there is an interesting little scene that builds character development. It concerns Prisoners Boggs and Rains and their complaints to Dillon about Prisoner Golic being crazy, how Golic smells bad, and how they don't want to go into the tunnels to work with him. Dillon adamantly tells them they must do their job and have no choice;
  • In the scene where Ripley asks Clemens if he is attracted to her and he tells her she is very direct, Ripley's reply of "I've been out here a long time" was not originally included;
  • In the scene where prisoner Murphy becomes the alien's first victim in the vent shaft, he is singing a different tune than that heard in the theatrical version;
  • Right after the scene where Ripley finds the flight recorder on the EEV, there is a scene where Dillon sees Boggs, Rains, and Golic, off on their excursion into the tunnels (where we first see them together theatrically) in which Dillon asks them to light a candle for the dead prisoner Murphy (the first victim in the vent shaft);
  • The scene where Warden Andrews and Clemens meet to discuss Ripley is longer, with Clemens telling Andrews that Ripley was part of a combat team that came to grief, Andrews insinuating that something is going on between Clemens and Ripley, and Andrews telling Clemens to get the hell out;
  • During Ripley's conversation with the reconnected Bishop, there are intercut scenes of a crazed and bloody Golic being found in the mess hall by Eric, the cook, who panics and drops the dishes, and how Golic is grabbed by the others (Clemens, 85, Andrews, and Dillon) and dragged to the infirmary;
  • In the scene in the infirmary where Clemens and Ripley are talking, a tied up Golic interrupts with a few lines about how in an insane world, an insane man must appear to be sane, Clemens sarcastically thanks him;
  • After the Alien kills Clemens and Ripley runs out of the infirmary, there is a close-up of Golic's face admiring the alien and he repeats "Magnificent";
  • After Warden Andrews death, when the prisoners are deciding what to do, when Morse says they should take Ripley's head and "bash it through the F***ing wall," Ripley replies "That sounds good to me...";
  • When the explosions in the tunnels occur, there is an approximate 10-minute chunk of the film that was deleted. It begins with added shots of the prisoners being consumed by the fire as Ripley and Dillon hurry to get them to safety. One of the prisoners is hurt badly and Ripley is trying to help him. His friend Junior (the guy with the tear tattoo who initially attacks Ripley in the attempted rape scene) looks at Ripley (there is almost a look of reconciliation) and when Dillon arrives, he asks Junior to turn the sprinklers on. Junior runs for the sprinklers but another prisoner yells to Junior to look out behind him. When Junior turns, the alien crawls down from the ceiling as the others (including Ripley and Dillon try to lure it away. Issuing a cry of challenge, Junior runs into the Toxic Waste room, causing the alien to run in after him and sacrificing his life, as Ripley and Dillon lock the doors and the sounds of the alien killing him are heard outside. Dillon turns on the sprinklers and next there is a scene where Dillon is leading a prayer for those who sacrificed themselves and died. As Ripley and 85 look in from above they discuss religion, as well as 85 saying that the company will arrive to kill the trapped alien with smart guns. Ripley asks him what if they won't kill it, and he doesn't believe this. Then there is a scene in the infirmary with Golic pleading with Morse to untie him while Morse is shaving his own head. Morse reluctantly unties him and after Golic asks him, tells him where the alien is trapped. Golic knocks him out and hurries out of the room. Next, there is a scene where 85 and Ripley are sending a transmission to the company about the trapped xenomorph and Ripley, testing the company's intentions, requests permission to terminate the alien. The company quickly replies they are not to do anything against the alien, confirming Ripley's suspicions. Then Golic arrives at the Toxic waste dump and tells the prisoner guarding the door he must talk to the creature. The prisoner shrugs him off and suddenly Golic slits his throat and opens the door, telling the alien he'll do anything he wants. Golic screams as the alien attacks. Ripley then tells Dillon about the company's plans to keep the alien alive and Dillon says he doesn't care. Ripley insists that innocent people will die and Dillon tells him that the world outside does not exist for them. Morse rushes in and tells them he has bad news. The three of them, along with 85 go to the dump where 85 blames Morse for the insane Golic's actions;
  • When Ripley complains of feeling ill after they find the dead prisoners by the toxic waste dump, there is an added line when she leaves that Dillon says "Where did she go?";
  • When Ripley fights with Dillon after he refuses to kill her, there is an added line where Dillon says "Go kill yourself";
  • During the scene where the remaining prisoners are meeting to discuss Dillon and Ripley's plan to terminate the alien, there are expanded dialogue scenes concerning Dillon telling them they have a choice to get even with the creature for its destroying the others, Ripley questioning 85's statements that the rescue team is on its way (Ripley says "Rescue team for whom?"), Dillong emphasizing this task of being part of the "steps to heaven", etc.;
  • During the tunnel chase sequence, there are numerous additions including a scene where Ripley asks what the prisoners are doing (when two of them guarding the piston run off) and Dillon says "Improvising," shots of Dillon walking through corridors and finding bodies (Troy) as well as Ripley finding bodies (Eric) and verbally identifying them, Jude slipping and falling and cutting himself with the scissors he was holding, 85 silently meditating with his head bowed down as he awaits the company people;
  • When the company reps arrive, it is extended as the Asian rep asks 85 if he's seen the beast, and 85 says yes and that Ripley has one inside her. Bishop II replies, "We know that." And when 85 sees the cage he tells them "Your gonna need a bigger cage";
  • When Ripley is trying to lure the alien back into the piston, she keeps telling it to kill her;
  • Right before Ripley pulls the chains to shower the burning hot alien with water, she says, "For the Last time." Also, there is no voice-over of Morse telling her to douse the creature with water (probably added in looping to better explain what was happening to the audience);
  • There is more dialogue when Bishop II confronts Ripley as he refers to the malignancy inside her and the great courage she has shown. There is also an added scene where the Asian medic explains the procedure to remove the alien from Ripley, saying it will be quick (two-hours) and she'll be fine. When Bishop II asks Ripley to trust him and she must choose, the scene is more drawn out, and you can see Ripley agonizing more over the decision she must make (definitely more dramatic);
  • When Ripley tells Morse to help her and he asks, "what do you want me to do?" She replies, "You'll know...";
  • One added scene that eliminates controversy, is when 85 hits Bishop II and is killed, there is an additional moment which Bishop II can be seen in pain and he shouts "I'm not a droid!!";
  • When Ripley falls into the molten lead, there is no shot of the chestburster emerging from her body;
  • After Ripley falls, Morse crawls over to look out into the molten pit;
  • The last scenes are arranged a little differently with the video screen facility closed shot coming before the shot of the empty cryotubes and Ripley's transmission being heard.
Facts courtesy of Internet Movie Database and Twentieth Century Fox.


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