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Human Rating: 3.5 / 5 Alien Rating: Government Cover Up

Houston, you have a problem.

ArmageddonArmageddon is really an action movie set in space. Featuring a cast comprising Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler and Steve Buscemi and with a heart-warming score by Aerosmith, this movie has all right ingredients to please action buffs. Add to that a desperate battle, and you're set for en empowering moment.

The movie bears a simple story: a giant iron rock is about to impact Earth at a speed sufficient to kill everything alive except unicellular life forms. Americans must save Earth. Like with Independence Day (1996), genuine patriotism, strong music and seat-riveting action makes Armageddon a killer sci-fi action flick.

The special effects presented are quite convincing and serve as very satisfying eye candy. I really had my share and still wanted more when I left the theatre. I even had too much soft-drink and yet remained seated, enduring yellow-vision just to make sure that "I wouldn't miss a thing" :)

ArmageddonOne of most outward critics that can be said about this flick is that it is scientifically wrong. Many people I met involved in rocketry and asteroid detection were saddened by the goofy science portrayed in Armageddon (like space shuttles that can fly so far and asteroids that can be moved or destroyed on a short notice). This is where the "fiction" part of "science-fiction" comes into play. In my opinion, I believe that turning a scientific challenge into an action flick made more people realise the threat of near-Earth asteroids. After all, NASA only injects (as of 1999) 3 millions US dollars a year in asteroid-related research, less than ten percent of it going to actual detection. Public pressure might help improve such bleak financial efforts.

Armageddon is a love it or hate it affair. A strong cast, empowering score and non-stop sci-fi action, all in all makes for an entertaining adrenaline-filled evening. Even people seeking romance will find a love story in there. As with Starship Troopers (1997), if you get to see this flick on a big screen or DVD and have access to a good sound system, you'll feel as if you were part of the crew, saving the day.

Review by René-Marc Simard.

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