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Back to the Future Part II

When Doc sees the future newspaper headline change to tell him that he was "commended" instead of "committed," a headline at the bottom of the page changes from "Nixon seeks fifth term" to "Reagan seeks second term."

Filmed at the same time as Back to the Future Part III (1990). In the five years since the original was made, Michael J Fox had forgotten how to ride a skateboard.

Crispin Glover played George McFly in Back to the Future (1985), but was replaced by Jeffrey Weissman in Part II. Weissman was made up to look like Glover so that this film could incorporate excerpts from the original.

Glover had not granted permission for the reuse of his scenes, and sued Steven Spielberg. The suit was settled, and the Screen Actors Guild introduced new rules about illicit use of actors.

A movie theater advertises "Jaws 19", directed by "Max Spielberg". Executive producer Steven Spielberg, who directed Jaws (1975), has a son Max.

Elisabeth Shue was cast as Jennifer, and all the closing shots of Back to the Future (1985) were reshot for the beginning of this film. Persistent rumors are that Claudia Wells (Jennifer in Back to the Future (1985)) was in no condition to act any more.

When Marty arrives in 2015, he looks in the window of an antique store, where there is the jacket that he wore in 1985, a Roger Rabbit doll and a Jaws (1975) Nintendo game. Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) was also directed by Robert Zemeckis.

The old man who wishes he had bet on the Cubbies is played by Charles Fleischer, who did Roger Rabbit's voice.

The curly trail of fire left in the sky when Doc is sent back to the Old West looks like the curly arrow sign of the Western Auto store (to the left of the street that Marty originally goes back to the future from).

A 1990 TV special showed some sequences cut from the film:
  • Biff fades out of 2015 after stumbling out of the DeLorean and behind some trash cans;
  • Marty discovers the destroyed Hill Valley High School;
The two police officers are named Reese and Foley, which are the names that Robert Zemeckis and screenwriter Bob Gale use for any police or government agents in the films they have written.

On the fax that tells Marty he's fired, the address, "11249 Business Center Road, Hill Valley, CA 95420-4345," is obviously fictional, but in reality the ZIP code belongs to the city of Caspar, about 500 miles north of Los Angeles on the coast of California.

Young Biff is heard saying after he receives the Sports Almanac, "Florida wins the World Series in 1997? Yeah, right." Well, 8 years after the film was produced, the Florida Marlins, a team that didn't even exist when the film was produced, won the World Series in 1997.

Facts courtesy of Internet Movie Database and Universal Pictures.

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