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Battlestar Galactica

In the beginning of this film, the Galactica is not the only Battlestar. The others, identified in background radio chatter, are Atlantia, Pacifica, Triton, Acropolis, and (offscreen) the Columbia.

There are two versions of this film: A stand-alone TV movie, and a pilot/first episode of a series. In the stand-alone version, Baltar is executed halfway through. This version was actually released theatrically first in Canada before the TV version aired in the USA. It was eventually released to theaters worldwide (including the U.S.). When it became apparent that the series would in fact be made, an alternate ending and version of Baltar's execution scene was filmed. In the Series version, Baltar is "held for public execution" instead of being beheaded at once. When the Cylon "Imperious Leader" who ordered his execution is killed in the explosion of the planet Carrillon, his successor order's Baltar's release so Baltar can command the Cylon Base Star that will chase the human refugees throughout the series. All this information is given in an "Epilogue" tacked on at the end of the film.

The movie was reedited into a 3-part episode for syndication with the rest of the TV series.

Facts courtesy of Internet Movie Database and Universal Pictures.

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