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Bicentennial Man

Little Miss: I think it sucks!
Andrew Martin: Sucks? Chickens do not have lips.
[Little Miss giggles]

Sir: It shows a number of characteristics, like creativity, curiosity, friendship...

Sir: I feel the responsibility to help you become whatever you're able to be.

Andrew Martin: People actually do this, Sir?
Sir: Well, yes.
Andrew Martin: And married people, one supposes they see it as some kind of requirement or obligation.
Sir: Well, it... it's not exactly an obligation, Andrew.
Andrew Martin: That's a relief.
Sir: And is the natural and preferable way to conceive children.
Andrew Martin: Sir, of all these millions of sperm, only one makes it?
Sir: That's true.
Andrew Martin: What happens to the others?
Sir: Well, they die.
Andrew Martin: They die? One feels badly for them.
Sir: Well, one does. But it's completely agreed that it feels good.
Andrew Martin: For both parties, Sir?
Sir: In an ideal world. So people do it rather frequently.
Andrew Martin: How often, Sir?
Sir: Well, as often as they can, matter of fact.
Andrew Martin: Ah.
Sir: At least at first.

Rupert Burns: Imperfections. That's what makes us unique...
Andrew Martin: Like the shape of your head!

Unknown: Take the next step; complete your destiny.

Sir: Knock, knock.
Andrew Martin: Knock, knock?
Sir: No, knock, knock, knock; someone's at the door.
Andrew Martin: Shall one get it, Sir?
Sir: No, no, no. You say "who's there," Andrew.
Andrew Martin: Who's there, Andrew?
Sir: No, just "who's there?"
Andrew Martin: One does not know, Sir.

Andrew Martin: I am trying to make something of myself, I am trying to fulfill my destiny.

Sir: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Andrew: One does not know, Sir. Possibly a predator was behind the chicken, or possibly there was a female chicken on the other side of the road if it was a male chicken; possibly a food source, or, depending on the season, it might be migrating. One hopes there's no traffic.
Sir: To get to the other side.
Andrew: "To get to the other side." Ah. Why is that funny?


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