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Blade Runner

Exasperated crews often referred to the film as "Blood Runner."

The snake merchant in the street has a Millennium Falcon tattooed on his forehead. It is extremely small, so zooming is necessary.

Dustin Hoffman was reputedly the original choice to play Deckard.

The computer screen in Gaff's police spinner shows the same computer sequence (with the word "Purge") that the Nostromo displays in the film Alien (1979) (also directed by Ridley Scott).

The building used in the final chase scene between Deckard and Roy, the Bradbury, was the same building used in the 1964 episode of the original "The Outer Limits" titled 'The Demon With a Glass Hand' staring Robert Gulp.

The dialogue in all releases of Blade Runner alludes to another replicant who dies before Deckard's final battles with Pris and Batty. The part was never shot, though the dialogue regarding how many replicants are on the loose is conflicting because of this. (Clarification: There were 4 replicants that escaped and tried to break into Tyrell Corp. One got fried at the "electronic gate." This is the one we never see. Later in the movie, after Deckard kills Zhora, Bryant tells Deckard that there are 4 more to go because Rachel has disappeared, and must be terminated.)

The error concerning the number of replicants was dealt with in the never-made sequel to the movie (which was instead made into a novel) in which Deckard is the remaining replicant.

Ridley Scott recently confirmed that Deckard was a replicant.

The European theatrical release (also available on Criterion Laserdisc) is 117 minutes long and more explicit/violent than the original American version, with a few additions/differences from the US release.

All video tapes releases before January 1993 are the unrated version and contain the extra violence in the Euro-release that's not seen in the 117 minute American theatrical release.

In the Director's Cut while Deckard waits for a seat at the noodlebar, the advertising slogan from the blimp is longer than in the original version (to fill the void from the missing voice over) and adds the phrase "This announcement is brought to you by the Shimato Dominguez Corporation - helping America into the New World."

There are reports that when Blade Runner premiered on American cable TV, there was an additional line of dialog when Bryant gives Deckard the description, names, and addresses of Tyrell and Sebastian over the radio. In the cable TV version, Bryant adds "...and check 'em out" after he says "I want you to go down there."

Rumors are circulating that there is a new DVD version coming soon, restoring some footage, presumably including the Violence from the original US version. The film is supposedly coming from a newly remastered 35mm print.

Facts courtesy of Internet Movie Database and Blade Runner Partnership.

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