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Dark City
DARK CITY The Sounds

Sound files were recorded at 11,025 Hz.

All WAV files are compressed using WAV Layer-3 for faster download time. Modern browsers and Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 operating systems read compressed WAV files.

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Dark City Click here to listen
WAV File – 7 kb
  Mr. Hand: You've been the cause of much distress.
Dark City Click here to listen
WAV File – 18 kb
  Mr. Hand: We found this in his hotel room. Must we reproduce Mr. Murdoch's memories again?
Dark City Click here to listen
WAV File – 54 kb
  Mr. Hand: The city is ours. We made it.
John Murdoch: What are you talking about?
Mr. Hand: We fashioned this city on stolen memories. Different eras, different pasts, all rolled into one. Each night we revise it, refine it. In order to learn.
John Murdoch: Learn what?
Mr. Hand: About you Mr. Murdoch. You and your fellow inhabitants. What makes you human.
Dark City Click here to listen
WAV File – 19 kb
  Mr. Hand: So it seems you've discovered your unpleasant nature.
John Murdoch: Who are you?
Mr. Hand: We might ask the same question.
Dark City Click here to listen
WAV File – 10 kb
  Mr. Hand: Sleep... Now.
Sounds courtesy of The Streets of Dark City and New Line Cinema.

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