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Demolition Man
DEMOLITION MAN The SciFlicks Guide

Demolition Man   Plot: A cop is brought out of suspended animation imprisonment to pursue an old ultra-violent enemy who is loose in a nonviolent future society...

Figures: USA. 1993. 110 minutes. English. Technicolor. Rated R.

The 21st century's most dangerous cop. The 21st century's most ruthless criminal.

 Production team:  
Directed by: Marco Brambilla  
Written by: Peter M. Lenkov
Robert Reneau
Daniel Waters
Original music by: Elliot Goldenthal  
Produced by: Silver Pictures
Warner Bros.
Distributed by: Warner Bros.  
Demolition Man - The VIDEO
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Sandra Bullock  -->  Lenina Huxley
Wesley Snipes  -->  Simon Phoenix
Sylvester Stallone  -->  John Spartan
Benjamin Bratt  -->  Alfredo Garci
Nigel Hawthorne  -->  Dr. Raymond Cocteau
Denis Leary  -->  Edgar Friendly
Rob Schneider  -->  Erwin
Jesse Ventura  -->  CryoCon

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Not if you're a fat pig, like me. Then it's a marvel of fast food technology . Have you seen the on...
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Optimus PrimeDemolition18
What in the slaggin Pit are you guys thinking?? Ignore them Demo18, don't come back! LOL...
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mr_sledgekaNobody Likes This Movie
I thought was quite interestin g! Wesley Snipes is the standout as the villian into destructio n! ...
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