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Demolition Man

Human Rating: 3.5 / 5 Alien Rating: Government Cover Up

Send a maniac to catch a maniac.

Demolition ManSylvester Stallone is surprisingly good in this fast, funny and violent futuristic action film about two convicts (the one good, the other bad) freed from suspended animation to wreak all kinds of mayhem in a politically correct Los Angeles of the future. Mind you, Wesley Snipes (as Sly's bad guy opponent) still steals the show.

While more could have been done on the satire side of things, this film is still one of the better Stallone films made. Demolition ManIt actually shows that he can star in worthwhile movies and not just misconceived duds like Judge Dredd (1995)! Also, watch out for Sandra Bullock in a role she took before Speed (1994) jettisoned her to worldwide fame and recognition.

Demolition Man offers enough action and laughs for any action movie junkie...

Review by James O'Ehley from The Sci-Fi Movie Page.

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