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E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
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E.T. The Quick Guide

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial   Plot: A group of Earth children help a stranded alien botanist return home...

Figures: USA. 1982. 115 minutes. English. Technicolor. Rated PG.

He is afraid. He is alone. He is three million light years from home.

 Production team:  
Directed by: Steven Spielberg  
Written by: Melissa Mathison  
Original music by: John Williams  
Produced by: Universal Pictures  
Distributed by: Universal Pictures  
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Drew Barrymore  -->  Gertie
Henry Thomas  -->  Elliot
Debra Winger  -->  E.T. (voice)
Peter Coyote  -->  Keys
Robert MacNaughton  -->  Michael
Dee Wallace-Stone  -->  Mary
Erika Eleniak  -->  Pretty Girl
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You had a childhood fear of ET as well Splendi? I did too, it didn't last me long because I lost th...
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I remember as a kid the scene were Elliot was sitting in the lawn chair outside of the tool shed sca...
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