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EVOLUTION The Quick Guide

Evolution   Plot: Earth's five billion-year evolutionary process takes place in a month when a life-bearing asteroid crashes on Earth...

Figures: USA. 2001. 105 minutes. English. Technicolor. Rated PG-13.

Have a nice end of the world.

 Production team:  
Directed by: Ivan Reitman  
Written by: David Diamond
Don Jakoby
David Weissman
Original music by: Gavin Greenaway
James McKee Smith
John Powell
Produced by: The Montecito Picture Company  
Distributed by: Columbia Pictures
DreamWorks Distribution
Evolution - The POSTER
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David Duchovny  -->  Dr. Ira Kane
Orlando Jones  -->  Dr. Harry Block
Julianne Moore  -->  Dr. Allison Reed
Seann William Scott  -->  Wayne Gray
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