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EXISTENZ The Quick Guide

eXistenZ   Plot: A famous game developer, after being attacked by a fanatic killer, flees with a software marketing manager. Adventures happen as they both try to repair the development computer damaged in the assassination attempt...

Figures: Canada / France / United Kingdom. 1999. 97 minutes. English. DeLuxe Color. Rated R.

Play or be played.

 Production team:  
Directed by: David Cronenberg  
Written by: David Cronenberg  
Original music by: Howard Shore  
Produced by: Alliance Atlantis Communications
Natural Nylon Entertainment
Serendipity Point Films
Téléfilm Canada
The Harold Greenberg Fund
The Movie Network
Distributed by: Alliance Atlantis Communications
Dimension Films
Serendipity Point Films
eXistenZ - The DVD
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Ian Holm  -->  Kiri Vinokur
Jude Law  -->  Ted Pikul
Jennifer Jason Leigh  -->  Allegra Geller
Willem Dafoe  -->  Gas
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This movie is pretty sweet. What's with the bad rep in this forum?...
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ye2arsCool movie but got some opinions
Ok i started watching this movie Really cool By the way But the character on there just pisst me off...
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mackOriginal Movie Poster
The one you have Seraph is the one I saw. I suppose nowadays they have different covers for dif ge...
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