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The style of Pikul's shirt changes as he switches realities. In the beginning, it has a buttoned collar. But when he steps into the realm of Existenz and assumes his "game identity," the same shirt sports a zip-up collar. Also, Allegra's hair changes from straight to curly.

In the world of eXistenZ, there is a game called "Hit by a car," which is probably a reference to director David Cronenberg's movie previous, Crash (1996).

In the scene where Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jude Law hole up in a motel room after the failed assassination attempt, the bag their fast food comes in reads "Perky Pat." This is a nod to alternate reality sci-fi master Philip K Dick, who wrote "In The Days of Perky Pat" (among many other notable sci-fi classics).

Facts courtesy of Internet Movie Database and Alliance Atlantis Communications.


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