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EXPLORERS The Quick Guide

Explorers   Plot: Three friends build a spaceship out of mysterious dreams and hardware junk and decide to take their creation to outer space...

Figures: USA. 1985. 109 minutes. English. Technicolor. Rated PG.

The adventure begins in your own back yard.

 Production team:  
Directed by: Joe Dante  
Written by: Eric Luke  
Original music by: Jerry Goldsmith  
Produced by: Paramount Pictures  
Distributed by: Paramount Pictures  
Explorers - The VIDEO
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Ethan Hawke  -->  Ben Crandall
River Phoenix  -->  Wolfgang Müller
Jason Presson  -->  Darren Woods
James Cromwell  -->  Mr. Müller
Dick Miller  -->  Charlie Drake
Amanda Peterson  -->  Lori Swenson
Robert Picardo  -->  Starkiller / Wak / Wak and Neek's Father
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SplendiferousI admit it. I liked this movie.
:D A triumph snatched from the jaws of tragedy! :)...
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Optimus PrimeOriginal Movie Poster
You know I had plenty of adventures in my backyard as a kid, but nothing as interestin g as this....
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Optimus PrimeFrench
Your best bet is to check [url],[/url] but I'm not sure if it has a french audio track...
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