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Fahrenheit 451
FAHRENHEIT 451 The SciFlicks Guide

Fahrenheit 451   Plot: Futuristic story of an Orwellian society where firemen are assigned the task of burning all books...

Figures: United Kingdom. 1966. 110 minutes. English. Technicolor.

Guy Montag was a fireman whose job it was to start fires...

 Production team:  
Directed by: François Truffaut  
Written by: Ray Bradbury
Jean-Louis Richard
David Rudkin
Helen Scott
François Truffaut
Original music by: Bernard Herrmann  
Produced by: Anglo Enterprises
Distributed by: Universal Pictures  
Fahrenheit 451 - The BOOK
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Julie Christie  -->  Linda / Clarisse
Oskar Werner  -->  Guy Montag
Cyril Cusack  -->  Captain
Anton Diffring  -->  Fabian
Bee Duffell  -->  Book Lady
Jeremy Spenser  -->  Man with the Apple

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Bradbury est très complexe et peu clair, tous dans le même souffle. Ses histoires de science-fiction...
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ClayGood book, bad movie
[QUOTE=ste ve12553]Th ere seems to be a large percentage of people in this world who don't recog...
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ClayI do want to see a re-make
[QUOTE=ste warde]Rema kes typically suck. But I think that if they are able to remain faithful to...
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