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René-Marc (Ramses)
October 4th, 2010

Film Classique
Cliquez ici pour ENEMY MINE
Enemy Mine

Synthèse: (anglais) A soldier from Earth and his Drac enemy crash-land on an alien world after sustaining battle damage. Both fighters must learn to work together to survive on this hostile world...

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Film Classique
Cliquez ici pour ROCKET'S RED GLARE
Rocket's Red Glare

Synthèse: (anglais) A boy restores a Mercury Redstone rocket in memory of his father and finds himself in the midst of a NASA emergency...

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Répertoire des Artistes
Répertoire des Artistes de la Science-Fiction Ethan
Cliquez ici pour Ethan HawkeVous avez pu le voir jouer le rôle de Vincent Freeman / Jerome Morrow dans Gattaca (1997). Découvrez les autres personnages joués par Ethan Hawke. Cliquez ici!
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Saviez-vous que...
Back to the Future
The mall where Marty McFly meets Dr. Brown for their time travel experiment is called "Twin Pines Mall". Dr. Brown comments that old farmer Peabody used to own all of the land, and he grew pines there. When Marty goes back in time, he runs over and knocks down a pine tree on the Peabody's property. When he comes back to the mall at the end of the film, the sign at the mall identifies the mall as "Lone Pine Mall".... (suite)
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Film du jour:
Cliquez ici pour ENEMY MINE
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Artiste SF:
Cliquez ici pour ETHAN HAWKE
Ethan Hawke
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Film du jour:
Cliquez ici pour ROCKET'S RED GLARE
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