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Alien: Resurrection

Nous n'avons pas traduits les faits en français car nous sommes un peu paresseux. :)

Joss Whedon originally scripted the Newborn creature as a four-legged, eyeless, bone-white creature with red veins running along the sides of its head. It had an inner jaw, similar to the all the other aliens. It also had a pair of pincers on the sides of his head. These pincers were used to hold its prey still as it drained the prey of blood with its inner jaw. The creature was also larger, nearly the size of the queen alien. In later script revisions, the creature was changed into a "more believable" hybrid of human and alien.

The first draft of the script contained an action sequence that took place in a garden contained within the spaceship "Auriga," with Ripley driving an electrically powered jeep to avoid aliens attacking from all sides. This was to take place after the scene in the chapel but before the sequence where the Newborn is introduced. The sequence was cut due largely to budget constraints.

Nigel Phelps based the design of the spaceship "Betty" on a jackhammer. The "Auriga" was originally to be a vertical structure, but he abandoned this idea once he realized the difficulty of capturing the scope of such a ship design on film.

Sigourney Weaver actually made the behind-the-back half-court basketball shot on her own, despite the fact that the way the ball disappears off-screen for a split second before going into the basket implies that she had off-screen help.

Actor Ron Perlman nearly drowned while filming the underwater sequence. At one point, when trying to surface, he hit his head on a sprinkler in the ceiling, knocking him out cold. He was rescued by nearby film crewmembers.

Joss Whedon went through five different versions of the final battle with the "Newborn" creature, the first four versions of which all took place on Earth in such settings as a hospital maternity ward, a giant junkyard, a snowy forest and cliffside, and a desert.

In the theatrical trailer for Alien Resurrection, there is an alternate take of the scene where Ripley is asked what she did when she faced the aliens before. In both takes she replies, "I died", but in the film version she says it sounding sincerely bothered, whereas in the trailer she says it as if she is amused and not particularly bothered.

Toward the end of the film when Purvis' chestbuster is on its way out, he grabs Wren by the face and holds his head against his chest. The alien then tunnels out of Purvis and into Wren. In the theatrical release the rest of the crew watches in disgust and the scene cuts away, the chestbuster seemingly dead from the encounter. What was cut was the alien coming out the other side of Wren's head very much alive and the crew shooting it. This scene was reinserted into the video release of the film.

Faits courtoisie de Internet Movie Database et Twentieth Century Fox.


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