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John Carpenter's Escape from New York

Nous n'avons pas traduits les faits en français car nous sommes un peu paresseux. :)

The studio wanted Tommy Lee Jones for the role of Snake Plissiken. They didn't think Kurt Russell was right for the role because of his prior work.

The wire-frame computer graphics on the display screens in the glider were not actually computer graphics. (Computers capable of 3D wire-frame imaging were way too expensive when this was made.) To generate the "wire-frame" images, they built a model of the city, painted it black, attached bright white tape to the model buildings in an orderly grid, and moved a camera through the model city!

The name "Snake Plisskeen" was changed to "Hyena" for the Italian release.

Jamie Lee Curtis performs the opening narration and voice of the computer.

A scene in the beginning of the film where Snake and another criminal are robbing a high-security bank, which leads to his arrest and sentence to New York, was in the original script but was cut from the film before release. The collector's edition laserdisc (during director commentary) shows this cut scene.

Columbia Tristar Home Video released a director's special edition on VHS (now out of print). It basically has the same the material as the collector's laserdisc: an interview with John Carpenter that contains extra footage not in the theatrical release, the original theatrical trailer, and the movie is Letterbox, digitally remastered, and has Dolby Surround Stereo.

Faits courtoisie de Internet Movie Database et AVCO Embassy Pictures.


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