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K-PAX Le Guide Rapide

K-PAX   Synthèse: (Anglais) A patient in a mental hospital claims to be an alien from planet K-PAX. When his very presence improves the other patients' health, his doctor realizes that this special patient might be telling the truth...

Détails: États-Unis. 2001. Anglais. Color. Certification (É.-U.): PG-13.

Change the way you look at the world.

 Équipe de production:  
Réalisation: Iain Softley  
Scénario: Gene Brewer
Bryan Goluboff
Charles Leavitt
Musique originale: Ed Shearmur  
Production: Lawrence Gordon Productions  
Distribution: Universal Pictures  
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 Distribution des rôles:
Jeff Bridges  -->  Dr. Mark Powell
Mary McCormack  --> 
Kevin Spacey  -->  Prot
Alfre Woodard  --> 
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tobayman007Protīs Glasses
The sunglasses worn by Spacey in K-Pax were Dita "Stilo". Unfortunat ely, they havent made them s...
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nicole68the meaning of K-PAX
A possibilit y is that they are called K-### because they are about 1,000 light years away....
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nicole68I'm confused about the dissappearing body of Bess if --
well, I think it was said that she needed to be there because she was truely alone in the world and ...
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