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Species II
SPECIES II Les Citations

Note: Toutes les citations sont dans la langue d'origine du film, donc en Anglais.

Dr. Orinsky: When I heard they were gonna send a mission to Mars I strongly urged the government to reconsider [...] on grounds that alien DNA might remain on the planet [...] that any human attempt to violate the planet would result in biological contamination.

Mission Control: Excursion, this is Houston. Do you copy? Do you read Excursion?

TV Anchorman: Son of a Senator and now the first man on Mars.

Senator Ross: You're gonna be president of the United States some day.

Debutante: My sister decided to join us.

Patrick Ross: There's something wrong with me dad.

Unknown: We got another alien on the loose.

Woman: If he's reproducing we've got potential offspring.

Press Lennox: Last time I fought with that alien I almost got myself killed.

Dr. Laura Baker: Eve was recreated from a frozen lab embryo.

Dr. Laura Baker: We need your help to find Patrick.

Eve: I see what he sees.

Dr. Laura Baker: Estrogen levels peaking. It's like she's in heat!

Eve: Let me out!

Dr. Laura Baker: We've got two aliens running around. If these two were to mate, the resulting pure strain of offspring would be unstoppable.

Dennis Gamble: This is like some kind of damn freak show.

Patrick Ross: They're gonna kill me.

Press Lennox: Half human hey? [...] My ass.


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