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The 6th Day
THE 6TH DAY Les Citations

Note: Toutes les citations sont dans la langue d'origine du film, donc en Anglais.

Adam Gibson: There's someone in my house, in my family and it's not me!

Talia Elsworth: There's been a sixth day violation... A human was cloned... That human was you.

Adam Gibson: I lost my wife, my daughter, my whole life tonight!

Dr. Graham Weir: They'll do anything to destroy the evidence... and you are the evidence.

Hank Morgan: How do you know, that he's not you, and you're not him?

Clara Gibson: Daddy?

Michael Drucker: I want you to ask yourself something. Do you remember anything after being scanned by my bodyguard,

Adam Gibson: Who are you people?

Unknown: We've found him!

Adam Gibson: Doesn't anybody die any more?

Unknown: How much does Gibson know?

Unknown: Open your eyes.

Unknown: Your family could get killed in the process.

Michael Drucker: We don't want to have to lose our best people. We won't have to lose our Mozarts. We won't have to lose our Martin Luther Kings. We will have finally conquered death.

Michael Drucker: Your family is not really your family. [...] They're his.

Adam Gibson: Tell me why I am a threat.

Adam Gibson: Why kill me and not the clone?

Talia Elsworth: You saw him, he didn't see you.

Michael Drucker: He has a wife and kid, right?

Hank Morgan: What are you gonna do?
Adam Gibson: Take my life back.

Michael Drucker: It costs me 1.2 million to bring you guys back. Try to be worth the money.

Will E. Coyote: I've been killed twice in two hours.
Robert Marshall: We've all been killed before.

Adam Gibson: I might be back.

Adam Gibson: When I said "go screw yourself" I didn't mean it literally.

Adam Gibson: This time stay dead.

Adam Gibson: My daughter's inside. I don't want her exposed to any graphic violence, she gets enough from the media.


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