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The X-Files

Nous n'avons pas traduits les faits en français car nous sommes un peu paresseux. :)

After consuming much alcohol and finding the bar's bathroom locked, Mulder relieves himself in an alley onto a poster for Independence Day (1996).

The fire trucks arriving to rescue Stevie have "Blackwood County" printed on the doors. "Blackwood" was the film's working title.

The working title "Blackwood" comes from the writings of Englishman Algernon Blackwood, a member of the Golden Dawn Society, about a race of intelligent beings who predated humans.

As is the case with many 20th Century Fox Films, the film cans for the advance screening prints and show prints had a code name. The X-Files was "Nuts and Bolts."

The second television series produced by 20th Century Fox Television to successfully transfer to the big screen. The first was "Batman" (1966).

The theatrical and TV trailers show a shot of Mulder & Scully running from the bees, but without the CGI bees added.

The video release has additional footage not shown in the theatrical release:
  1. In the opening scene you now see more of the alien. In the theatrical release we see it fight off on of the cavemen, killing it, and the other caveman gets up to see it lying on the ground draining out the black blood (or what fans know as black oil). In the video release we see it run off after it kills one of the cavemen and when the other caveman gets up he tracks it down and then kills it using the broken end of his torch.
  2. In the scene with Mulder talking to The Well-Manicured Man in the car, he reveals to Mulder that Samantha, Mulder's sister, was abducted by aliens at the request of her father, William Mulder, so she could be part of the colonization project, thus ensuring her survival in the colonization of Earth by the visitors. Also revealed is that when plans went awry, Mulder was intended, by his father, to seek the truth and reveal what had been done.
  3. There is also an added scene in the video release with Mulder running down the street after the hospital scene.

    1. Faits courtoisie de Internet Movie Database et Twentieth Century Fox.


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