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Gordo Hersch: John, it's your dad's old HAM radio. Let's go in the den, hey? Plug it in?

Frank Sullivan: W2QYV. This is Frank Sullivan.
John Sullivan: What did you say your name was?
Frank Sullivan: Frank. Frank Sullivan.
John Sullivan: This is some kind of joke?

Frank Sullivan: What do you say we tame this bronco, han? You and me. Spirit 'n guts.

John Sullivan: But how could it be?
Frank Sullivan: I don't know, but we've gotta be talking up the mother sunspot of all time.

John Sullivan: I've missed you so much!
Frank Sullivan: Well tell me about yourself, tell me about your life.
John Sullivan: I'm a cop.
Frank Sullivan: What? [laugh] You're third generation fire fighter. Come on, I thought that you were gonna grow out of that cop phase.

Julia Sullivan: What's going on, Satch?
Satch DeLeon: Frank says that he's talking to Johnny on the radio... in the future!

Frank Sullivan: Hey little chief, there's somebody I want you to talk to.
Johnny Sullivan: Good night John.
John Sullivan: Good night there, chief.

John Sullivan: We gotta do something and try to stop this guy.

Frank Sullivan: Do I call the police? They're not gonna believe me!

John Sullivan: You got his prints.

John Sullivan: I want you to hide that wallet, somewhere were nobody's gonna find it for the next 30 years.
Frank Sullivan: The window's feet in the dinning room. It's in!
John Sullivan: I got it! ... Wow!

Satch DeLeon: You got to give me something I can believe.

John Sullivan: We got to catch him in the act, and you can make that happen dad!

John Sullivan: We can do it together. Remember "Spirit and Guts"?


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