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Galaxy Quest

The evil warlord Sarris was named for film critic Andrew Sarris, who once trashed producer Mark Johnson's The Natural.

The robot that appears behind the emcee in the final scene at the convention is from the Robin Williams film Toys (1992).

The theatrical version was screened at three different aspect ratios: the early scenes, featuring clips of the TV series, were shown at 1.33:1; the initial part of the story, set on Earth, was framed at 1.85:1; the scenes set in outer space were screened at 2.35:1. The DVD release keeps only the initial 1.33:1 full frame scenes, then shows the rest of the film at the wider aspect ratio of 2.35:1. This was done on purpose because director Dean Parisot felt it played better on home video screens.

Deleted scenes included on the DVD:
  • Tech Sergeant Chen helps an engineering crew solve a difficult problem without offering any insightful help whatsoever;
  • Alex is presented his living quarters: an empty room save a bed of spikes and a daunting toilet;
  • An alternate version of a scene in which it's revealed Tawny and Peter were old flames;
  • Guy overreacts when his foot gets caught in a rock, and Peter does his "rugged pose";
  • Alex uses an acting method to figure out the rock monster's "motivation";
  • Gwen rips open her blouse to seduce two enemy soldiers, before crushing them with a door (part of this scene was featured in the trailer);
  • Sarris revives himself and attacks the crew while crash landing.
Facts courtesy of Internet Movie Database and DreamWorks SKG.

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