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Hollow Man

Guardian: Good morning sir.
Sebastian Caine: Good morning Ed.
Guardian: You team is in early today. Something special goin' on?
Sebastian Caine: Sorry Ed, you know the rules.
Sebastian Caine: IF we're gonna move forward, this is the next logical step.

Carter Abbey: We're ready for you.

Linda McKay: Are you sure?
Sebastian Caine: Positive.

Matt Kensington: Here goes nothin'.

Janice Walton: So... What's it like being a ghost?
Sebastian Caine: Ghosts are dead. I'm very much alive.

Sarah Kennedy: The question is: What would you do if you knew you couldn't be seen?

Linda McKay: Sebastian, this is not funny.

Matt Kensington: Why did you have to go out in public?

Sebastian Caine: You have no idea what it's like... the power of it, the freedom.

Sebastian Caine: You have no idea how much fun this is.

Sarah Kennedy: Okay Sebastian, fun's over.

Sebastian Caine: Sorry Linda.

Linda McKay: He could be here.

Sarah Kennedy: He could be anywhere.

Matt Kensington: If you ask me this is an improvement.
Linda McKay: Yeah, you could almost pass for a human.
Janice Walton: Funny he couldn't before.
Sebastian Caine: Well, at least now you have a face you can talk to... and we can all work in normal light again.


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