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Howard the Duck
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Howard the Duck   Plot: A sarcastic humanoid duck is pulled from his homeworld to Earth where he must stop an alien invader...

Figures: USA. 1986. 110 minutes. English. Color. Rated PG.

A new breed of hero.

 Production team:  
Directed by: Willard Huyck  
Written by: Steve Gerber
Willard Huyck
Gloria Katz
Original music by: John Barry
Thomas Dolby
Sylvester Levay
Lea Thompson
Produced by: Lucasfilm Ltd.
Universal Pictures
Distributed by: Universal Pictures  
Howard the Duck - The VIDEO
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Jeffrey Jones  -->  Doctor Jenning
Tim Robbins  -->  Phil Blumburtt
Lea Thompson  -->  Beverly Switzler
Ed Gale  -->  Howard T. Duck
Chip Zien  -->  Howard T. Duck (voice)
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    Latest topics and reviews discussed:
DarthJohnWhat a great misunderstood movie!
It's not really that bad anymore, you should see the crap parody movies we get nowadays. I think thi...
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DarthJohnHoward The Duck is coming to R1 DVD!
Complete with extras, can't wait cause this movie has been a guilty pleasure....
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karcreatBiggest 'Howard' Movie Fansite Online!
...Includes clips, audio (including the music), PC games, screensave rs...even a 'trailer' for th...
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