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Independence Day

The man in the office building that is destroyed in the initial attack is played by Volker Engel, the movie's visual effects supervisor.

In the Special Edition, during the scenes where David is searching for his wife's telephone number, his computer screen displays humorous street names such as "Heresheis Avenue."

The phrase "ID4" was invented due to undisclosed copyright problems (long since resolved) with the title "Independence Day."

Director Roland Emmerich got the idea for the film while fielding a question about the existence of alien life during promotion for Stargate (1994).

The characters "R" and "2" on the Area 51 doors are a reference to R2-D2 in Star Wars (1977).

Bill Pullman used the memory of a decayed tooth which was pulled from his mouth in order to come up with a terrified expression when speaking with the alien invaders.

The bus crashes through a billboard advertising Stargate (1994), also directed by Roland Emmerich.

One of the buildings destroyed is a cinema which advertises "Coming Soon: Independence Day"

The President's speech was filmed on 6 August 1995 in front of an old airplane hangar. The hangar once housed the Enola Gay, which is infamous for dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima exactly 50 years earlier on 6 August 1945.

When escaping the mother ship, Levinson (Jeff Goldblum) says "Faster, must go faster", a line which Goldblum's character said in Jurassic Park (1993) when being chased by the T-rex.

As is the case with many 20th Century Fox Films, the film cans for the advance screening prints and show prints had a code name. Independence Day was "Dutch 2."

The scene on board the submarine U.S.S. Georgia uses the a set from Crimson Tide (1995).

In most versions shown in cinemas and also the ones available on video, scenes are missing that stress the global dimension of the alien attack. In these scenes, international TV-journalists report about the devastation in their respective countries, and the destroying of international cities is shown (e.g. Paris). The cast list still contains some of these reporters, e.g. it names Jessica Cardinahl as German reporter, and also Korean and Russian reporters. These scenes were interesting, as they illustrate that the aliens are not an American problem, but a global one.

In the original UK theatrical release during the closing sequence in the desert as Levinson (Jeff Goldblum) and Hiller (Will Smith) are walking towards the jeep, Hiller suggests to Levinson that he needs a new 'hero' walk and to swing his hips more. This dialogue, that explains Goldblum's odd walk, is missing from the video release.

Facts courtesy of Internet Movie Database and 20th Century Fox.

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