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Jurassic Park: The Lost World
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Director Steven Spielberg had to attend an early screening for Swingers (1996) in order to give approval for the use of the Jaws (1975) theme. There he was so impressed by Vince Vaughn that he offered him a part in this film.

In the San Diego video store, there is a poster advertising a movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger as King Lear. This is a reference to Schwarzenegger's playing "Hamlet" in Last Action Hero (1993) -- the movie that was practically wiped out at the box office by the first Jurassic Park (1993).

At least five scenes were cut from the film before release, and some appeared in the trailer:
  • Peter Ludlow talking to the InGen committee about their expenses;
  • Roland and Ajay talking in a bar;
  • T-rexes trying to attack Kelly, who was left alone in the High Hide;
  • The Raptors and T-rexes fighting in the rex's nest;
  • Pteranodons attacking the rescue helicopter.
One ship at the San Diego docks is called "The Venture," the same name as the ship that brought the giant ape in King Kong (1933) to New York.

When the T-rex bites the traffic signal in San Diego, a street sign on the right edge of the screen reads in part "NO DINOSAURS".

When fleeing the T-rex in San Diego, one of the Japanese businessmen says in Japanese "I came to America to get away from all this," a reference to Gojira and other "Godzilla" films.

Reflected in the TV broadcasting the CNN story about the return of the dinosaurs, director Steven Spielberg is sitting on the couch next to Jeff Goldblum and eating popcorn.

The scene where the little girl is attacked by the dinosaurs is from Michael Crichton's original novel, "Jurassic Park", as is the scene where the T-Rex sticks its tongue through a waterfall to lick characters on the other side.

The scene where Peter Stormare's character is eaten by the compies after being chased by them is how John Hammond was killed in the original novel, "Jurassic Park" (but not the film).

Facts courtesy of Internet Movie Database and Universal Pictures.


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