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La Jetée
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LA JETÉE The Quick Guide

La Jetée   Plot: Earth lies ruined in the aftermath of a nuclear war. The few surviving humans begin researching time travel, in hopes of sending someone back to the pre-war world in search of food, supplies, and hopefully some sort of solution to mankind's imminent demise...

Figures: France. 1962. 28 minutes. French. Black and White.

The film that inspired 12 Monkeys

 Production team:  
Directed by: Chris Marker  
Written by: Chris Marker  
Original music by: Trevor Duncan  
Produced by: Argos Films  
Distributed by:    
La Jetée - The BOOK
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Hélène Chatelain  -->  The Woman
Davos Hanich  -->  The Man
Jacques Ledoux  -->  The Experimenter
Jean Négroni  -->  Narrator (voice)
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IvanComparison with 12 Monkeys
Yeah, I like [I]12 Monkeys[/I] more, but [I]La Jetee[/I] is still a great experience . I found the ...
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NexusOriginal Movie Poster
I've always loved that bottom image. Looks even creepier when it "moves"....
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baz909A Film Inspired 12 Monkeys?
film4 in the uk were showing this for a while, I think they still show it every now and again or ...
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