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Useful Movie Links

Please visit these other fine sites related to movies and/or science fiction. Simply select the main category below:
Sci-Fi Guides Movie News
Sci-Fi Portals Underground Guides
Sci-Fi Collectibles Multimedia Resources
Cool Sci-Fi Sites Film Directories


Preferred Sites

The Sci-Fi Movie Page The Sci-Fi Movie Page
Over 220 science fiction movies reviewed!

Sci-Fi Guides
Could very well be's brother... :) – Science Fiction Movies
  DoctorSF Movie Web
  Other Dimension
  Projections: A Futurist at the Movies – Sci-Fi Channel
  Sci Fi Guys
  The Sci-Fi Movie Page
  Speculative Vision
  Suite 101– Science Fiction and Fantasy on Film
  Weird Science Science Fiction Portal

Sci-Fi Portals

Solar Flare Solar Flare
Directory of science fiction sites. – Star Wars Search Engine

Sci-Fi Collectibles

FanaTech FanaTech
Well furnished sci-fi collectibles store.
Sci-Fi Station Sci-Fi Station
Features unique sci-fi collectibles and memorabilia.
  Alien Time Treasure
  Bug Eyed Monster
  Orbital Trading Post
  Sci-Fi Hollywood
  Sci-Fi Matters
  Sci-Fi Net

Cool Sci-Fi Sites

Desktop Starships Desktop Starships
Extensive source for original sci-fi desktop wallpapers, including galleries for Babylon 5, Star Trek and Star Wars.
Grand Central Rocket Grand Central Rocket
Nostalgic site devoted to the amazing space technology of old movies and TV shows.
Space Battles Space Battles
Site devoted to creating original space conflict videos using popular spaceships.
  Robby the Robot
  Science Fiction Foundation
  Solar Guard Academy

Movie News

Moviefan Online Moviefan Online
A great source for news and pictures on the latest films.
Find the latest news and reviews on recent blockbusters.
  Ain't It Cool News
  CHUD – Cinematic Happenings Under Development
  Cinema Confidential
  Cinescape Online
  Coming Attractions
  Coming Soon!
  Dark Horizons

Underground Guides

The Astounding B-Monster The Astounding B-Monster
Collection of original interviews as well as reviews, pictures and video files about cult and B movies.
Infinite Coolness Website Infinite Coolness Website
Impressive multimedia resource on various sci-fi, horror and action movies.
Stomp Tokyo Stomp Tokyo
Reviews for films available on video that no one else dares review.

Multimedia Resources

Movie Sounds The Movie Sounds Page
Repository of sound bytes from a large variety of films.
  Tommy of Escondido's Alien Fonts Page

Film Directories

Internet Movie Database Internet Movie Database
The most complete movie resource on the web. If a movie exists, it's listed there.
  All Movie Guide
If you're looking for flick-specific links, including links to topics and science covered in the movies, just visit the links page of any movie featured at!

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