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Mad Max
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MAD MAX The Facts

Mel Gibson's voice was dubbed for the U.S release after producers were concerned that American audiences wouldn't understand his then thick Australian accent.

Director George Miller was inspired by A Boy and His Dog (1975).

The producers were looking for someone beaten and rough for the role of Max. The night before his audition for the film, Mel Gibson had his face cut in a bar fight.

The car that Max drives (the "last of the V8 interceptors") is a production car, the Ford "XB Falcon Hardtop", sold in Australia from December 1973 until August 1976. The car in the film had a standard 351 cubic inch (5.75 liter) V8 motor.

The stolen interceptor driven by the Nightrider in the opening scenes is another production vehicle; it is a "HQ Holden Monaro", which was sold in Australia in the early 70's with a variety of motors including large capacity V8's. Also, the other police vehicles in the movie were sedan versions of the XB, although one was the previous model "XA". They also had 351 cubic inch motors and are a common car on Australian roads.

In a very brief shot during Max's blissful "retirement," his baby can be seen playing with a very big handgun.

The Night Rider says, "I'm a rocker, a roller, a right out of controller" and "I'm hotter than the rolling dice." These are lyrics from "Rocker" and "Live Wire" written by the Australian band AC/DC.

The van that is smashed in the opening chase was George Miller's own vehicle, as the production was running out of money. About 20% of the chase scenes scheduled were not shot due to lack of money.

Max's MFP (Main Force Patrol) number is 4073, Jim Goose's is 2241, and Charlie’s is either 3840 or 3842.

As of 1998, Mad Max is listed in the Guinness Book of Records for the highest profit-to-cost ratio of a motion picture (it cost approximately $400,000 to make, and made over $100 million).

Japanese DVD features the original Australian dialog and contains the original theatrical trailer.

TV version is cut for violence and runs 88 minutes.

At one point, UK video releases edited the scene where the bikers tear up the hot-rod with the terrified couple inside. Instead, the scene cut to black as the bikers smashed the first window. This scene was later restored.

In 2000, MGM (which by this time had assumed control of the American International Pictures/Filmways/Orion Pictures library) re-issued the film in limited road show release in its original uncut version with the Australian dialogue track intact.

Facts courtesy of Internet Movie Database and Mad Max Films.


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