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OUTLAND The Quick Guide

Outland   Plot: A marshal in outer space assigned to a remote mining colony refuses to look the other way when miners begin dying from a deadly narcotic designed to increase their productivity...

Figures: UK. 1981. 109 minutes. English. Technicolor. Rated R.

Even in space, the ultimate enemy is man.

 Production team:  
Directed by: Peter Hyams  
Written by: Peter Hyams  
Original music by: Gerald Fried
Jerry Goldsmith
Morton Stevens
Produced by: Outland Productions
The Ladd Company
Distributed by: The Ladd Company
Warner Bros.
Outland - The SOUNDTRACK
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Peter Boyle  -->  Station Manager Mark B. Sheppard
Sean Connery  -->  Marshal William T. O'Niel
Frances Sternhagen  -->  Dr. Marian Lazarus
James Sikking  -->  Security Sergeant Montone
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CamfanOriginal Movie Poster
Watched this again recently, I though it wasn't all that bad, despite the effects etc. But all in a...
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mackGood, Bad, Ugly?
Oh my God. I think Dean Cain tried to redo this movie with another name. It flopped badly. Surp...
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Omega2064Good Connery Film
I prefer my BW movies BW. The Colorizati on craze of the 80s was a travesty. Most of the efforts we...
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