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Planet of the Apes
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Planet of the Apes   Plot: An astronaut lands on a planet inhabited by human-like apes that rule the planet with an iron fist...

Figures: USA. 2001. 119 minutes. English. DeLuxe Color. Rated PG-13.

Rule the planet.

 Production team:  
Directed by: Tim Burton  
Written by: Pierre Boulle
William Jr. Broyles
Lawrence Konner
Mark Rosenthal
Original music by: Danny Elfman  
Produced by: 20th Century Fox
The Zanuck Company
Distributed by: 20th Century Fox  
Planet of the Apes - The POSTER
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Helena Bonham Carter  -->  Ari
Tim Roth  -->  General Thade
Mark Wahlberg  -->  Capt. Leo Davidson
Michael Clarke Duncan  -->  Colonel Attar
Paul Giamatti  -->  Limbo
Estella Warren  -->  Daena
George Clooney  -->  Ape General
Linda Harrison  -->  Woman in Cart
Charlton Heston  -->  Zaius (Thade's father)
Kris Kristofferson  -->  Karubi
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scifi_loverThe Remake
I hated the remake. I enjoyed the original, but saw the remake before I saw the original. When I was...
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THXPlanet of the Apes saga order
[QUOTE=Nex us]Watch them in the order they were made. [I]Escape[ /I] may be set before the events ...
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SplendiferousPOTA remake ending (spoiler)
They're in the extras on the DVD? Maybe we can agree on one that makes sense, then? :p I always ...
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