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Predator 2
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PREDATOR 2 The Facts

The skull of a creature that resembles the ones in Alien (1979) and Aliens (1986) is on the wall in the Predator's trophy room. Bill Paxton previously starred in Aliens (1986).

As with the first Predator (1987), this film was cut to receive a "Not under 16" rating for video release and TV broadcast in Germany. Almost every violent part was either shortened or completely removed.

On initial censorship classification in Australia, the film received an R18+ rating. In order to bring the rating down to M15+, several scenes were cut for violence/language. The following scenes have now been re-instated for the R18+ 2001 DVD release:
  • 2 of the gang members at the start of the film sniff some cocaine while loading up their weaponry
  • In Harrigan's conversation with one of his superiors, he uses the words: "Cutting off my dick and shoving it up my ass"
  • The shot of the sacrificial knife entering Ramon Vega's stomach
  • Another shot of the character who is "netted" to the wall, this time being sprayed with gunfire from his friends
  • Another gang member is impaled on the Predator's wrist blade and lifted into the air
  • Jerry is startled by a skinned body hanging from the roof
Facts courtesy of Internet Movie Database and 20th Century Fox.


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