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Red Planet
RED PLANET The SciFlicks Guide

Red Planet   Plot: A dying Earth sends the first manned mission to Mars with the hope to eventually settle permanently in the red planet. Troubles abound as soon as the ship reaches Martian orbit...

Figures: Australia / USA. 2000. 106 minutes. English. Technicolor. Rated PG-13.

Not a sound. Not a warning. Not a chance. Not alone.

 Production team:  
Directed by: Antony Hoffman  
Written by: Jonathan Lemkin
Chuck Pfarrer
Original music by: Graeme Revell  
Produced by: Mars Production
NPV Entertainment
Village Roadshow
Distributed by: Village Roadshow
Warner Bros.
Red Planet - The BOOK
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Benjamin Bratt  -->  Ted Santen
Val Kilmer  -->  Robby Gallagher
Carrie-Anne Moss  -->  Commander Kate Bowman
Tom Sizemore  -->  Dr. Quinn Burchenal
Simon Baker  -->  Chip Pettengill
Terence Stamp  -->  Dr. Bud Chantilas

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