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Red Planet

Commander Kate Bowman: We had overpopulated the Earth, and depleted its resources.... It had become clear that Mankind wasn't going to survive... To avoid extinction, we had to find a new home... Which brought us here, to the scarred surface of the fourth planet from the sun.

Commander Kate Bowman: The Mars Project will be our greatest achievement... if we can survive it.

Robby Gallagher: That's my kind of girl!

Chip Pettengill: It could have hurt me.
Robby Gallagher: It thinks we're a knife, inside she's all Green Beret.

Commander Kate Bowman: The Mars Terraforming Project will be our greatest achievement in the history of human exploration. We have to make Mars the future, or Mankind is History.

Dr. Quinn Burchenal: Ready?
Unknown: Big day!

Commander Kate Bowman: We're eatin' dinner on Mars.

Unknown: We're out of target.
Unknown: Auto-guiding system's out.

Commander Kate Bowman: Lock it up, gentlemen!

Robby Gallagher: I can breathe!

Commander Kate Bowman: How can that be? That is impossible.

Dr. Quinn Burchenal: This is algae.

Chip Pettengill: That isn't gonna help us, is it?

Robby Gallagher: It's AMEE. [...] She went on tail mode. [...] The crash must have flipped her.

Commander Kate Bowman: I can see one person down.

Chip Pettengill: What the hell is going on here?

Robby Gallagher: Sooner or later, she'll play search and destroy... and she'll come and kill us.


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