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The theatrical release in Australia was an M-rated censored version of the US R-rated cut which lacked the bloodier moments. Some people commented that this doubly censored version felt more violent than the slightly more comical longer one, due to the implied deaths. On rental and sell-through video Robocop was released in its US R-rated version with an Australian R rating (restricted to 18+).

The Swedish is also heavily cut. Most scenes involving shooting have been shortened or cut out, including the "death" shooting of Murphy by the gang, the shootout at the drug factory and the ED-209 killing a OCP employee. In addition, several scenes have been omitted: the gang member who gets thrown out of the van, Emils' disintegration and death...

On the terrestrial channel ITV (UK), the board decided that the film should be shown to be suitable for children to watch in the daytime one afternoon. At the time the TV series had just been premiered for the first time so the board agreed to cut all violence to a minimum and also dub all of the bad language. As a result every time someone got hit or killed in someway you hear the sound of the blow but you never saw anything as the scene was slowed down to a strobe effect. Also every time the word '"F***ing" was said it was replaced by the word "Freakin'", other hilarious dubs used included: "Freakin' Airhead"-instead of F***ing A***hole, "Mother Crusher"-instead of Mother F***er, "Shoot"-instead of Sh*t and "Holy Geek"-instead of Holy Sh*t and other words starting with Holy. As a result of the cuts & dubs the channel received heavy complaints from people for turning the film into a comedy. When Robocop was shown again, about 7 months later they opted for the later showing of 10pm and left all of the swearing untouched and most of the violence uncut.

The version broadcast on television features alternate footage of Clarence Boddiker driving around Emil rather than running him over with the car and having his body explode into a bloody mess.

One Video Released version of Robocop in Germany is only 78 minutes long to get a cert 16 notification. At the same time, a German Laserdisc was released. It was longer than the version showed in the theatres with a cert 18 and a running time of 99 minutes.

The director's cut of this film with the added footage is available on Criterion's laser disc and DVD releases.

Finnish video release removes 10'48" of footage.

In order to release "RoboCop" in the U.S. with an R-rating, director Paul Verhoeven had to make extensive cuts to what the MPAA referred to as scenes with "excessively violence."
  • The first cuts appear in the scene where ED-209 goes berserk during the business meeting and shoots one of the young executives. The director's cut last several seconds longer and lingers over the dead body being riddled with bullets on top of the model of Detroit. The scene played out in this manner achieves almost ludicrous comic effect.
  • Another difference between the R-rated and unrated versions occurs when Lewis and Murphy chase Clarence's gang in the van. In the R-rated version, when Murphy shoots Bobby in the leg, you witness it as though you were looking through Murphy's eyes. However, in the unrated version, the camera zooms in on the area of of Bobby's leg being shot and graphically details the impact of each bullet.
  • The most extensively cut sequences involves the murder of Peter Weller's character, Murphy. The director's cut is almost a full minute longer. It shows Murphy's arm being shot off (cut completely from the R-rated version) and also includes an elaborate tracking shot that shows the back of his head exploding into the camera when he is finally shot by Clarence Boddicker. This shot is especially missed because it made use of a fully mechanical prosthetic Murphy built by make-up special effect artist Rob Bottin. The unrated director's cut also includes a longer shot of Murphy's hand being shot off and the camera lingering on his reaction and his stump.
  • Several seconds were also added to the scene where RoboCop finally kills Clarence by stabbing him in the neck.

    • The standard copyright notice at the end of the film includes a warning that "This motion picture is protected under the laws of the United States and other countries and its unauthorized duplication, distribution or exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution by enforcement droids."

      The point-of-view shots from Robocop include references to MS-DOS.

      Paul Verhoeven can be seen dancing in the disco, looking into the camera, when Leon is arrested.

      The entrance to the OCP building in the movie is actually the front entrance of Dallas City Hall with extensive matte work above to make the building appear to be a giant skyscraper.

      The song "Show Me Your Spine" by P.T.P. is playing in the club when RoboCop arrests Leon. This song, which features vocals by Nivek Ogre of Skinny Puppy, has never been released in any format and can only be heard in this scene.

      The point-of-view shots from the Robocop's perspective were created with Amiga Video Toaster.

      The computer that Robocop looks up criminal records on is actually a Northern Telecom telephone switch.

      The Criterion Collection DVD of the unrated version is presented in a 1.66:1 ratio. The Orion DVD/theatrical R-rated version is presented in a 1.85:1 ratio.

      The R-rated theatrical version runs 102 min. while the unrated director's cut runs 103 min.

      The version of Robocop that was shown on WDKY FOX56 in Lexington, Ky had a lot of the gore taken out and was replaced with some never before seen footage that was not seen in either the Rated R version or the Unrated DVD version. When Mr Kenny gets shot up in the meeting by ED209, there is a brief unseen front view of bullet holes appearing in his torso but there is no blood in that front view. After Murphy loses his hand we see a never before seen front view of him walking towards the camera with his right hand holding unto his bloody left wrist. A side view is shown of Clarence pulling his gun out of his belt and pointing it at Murphy. When Robo sticks his enforcement needle in Clarence's neck a side view is shown instead of a front view, no blood is seen squirting out of Clarence's neck; instead he ends up falling forward into the water.

      The director's cut of Robocop was passed uncut as an 18 certificate by the BBFC in 2001.

      Facts courtesy of Internet Movie Database and Orion Pictures.


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