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RoboCop 3
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ROBOCOP 3 The Facts

The robot Otomo is named after Frank Miller's favorite Japanese writer and comic book artist, Katsuhiro Otomo.

The Japanese characters that scroll up screen in the POV shot as the robot ninjas converge on RoboCop read: "Command; Code bios; Bios system check; RAM check; Biocom interface; Parameter; Memory set; System check; OK."

US version rated 'PG-13' is edited, but more complete than UK versions (rated '15').

Although less violent than the two preceding Robocop films, the BBFC still cut 4 seconds from the UK cinema and video versions, possibly to remove a brief glimpse of nun chucks. Passed uncut by the BBFC in October 2001.

Facts courtesy of Internet Movie Database and Orion Pictures.


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