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RoboCop 3
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ROBOCOP 3 The Review

Human Rating: 1 / 5 Alien Rating: Anal Probe

A flying Robocop?

That Peter Weller didn't bother reprising his Robocop role and is replaced by a complete unknown should have warned one: this third and last Robocop is the worst of them all.

Replacing Paul Verhoeven's ultra-violence with television violence in which no-one gets hurt or bleeds (or struck by bullets it seems!) means only one thing: Robocop has been sanitised for the kiddie market and whatever hardware Robocop pulls from its armoury will undoubtedly be seen on the shelves of your local toy shop.

The script (for the second time by Frank Miller) is more comic book than graphic novel and the movie suffers for it: it seems to be different stories stuck together and even features robot ninjas! Aaargh!!!

Review by James O'Ehley from The Sci-Fi Movie Page.

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