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Rocket's Red Glare
ROCKET'S RED GLARE The SciFlicks Guide

Rocket's Red Glare   Plot: A boy restores a Mercury Redstone rocket in memory of his father and finds himself in the midst of a NASA emergency...

Figures: USA. 2000. 94 minutes. English. Color.

He built a rocket to honor his father, he never counted on becoming a hero.

 Production team:  
Directed by: Chris Bremble  
Written by: Chris Bremble  
Original music by: Lior Rosner  
Produced by: Capitol Arts & Entertainment
Fox Family Channel
Distributed by: Fox Family Channel
Saban International
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Danielle Fishel  -->  Sarah Miller
Ryan Merriman  -->  Todd Baker
Robert Wagner  -->  Al Baker
Marilu Henner  -->  Meg Baker
Olivier Hudson  -->  Hank Baker
Alan Bean  -->  Himself
Gordon Cooper  -->  Himself

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