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Rocketship X-M: Expedition Moon
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ROCKETSHIP X-M The Quick Guide

Rocketship X-M: Expedition Moon   Plot: Astronauts blast off to explore the moon, but because of a craft malfunction and some faulty fuel calculations, they end up landing on Mars instead...

Figures: USA. 1950. 77 minutes. English. Black and White.

The screen's FIRST story of man's conquest of space!

 Production team:  
Directed by: Kurt Neumann  
Written by: Orville H. Hampton
Kurt Neumann
Dalton Trumbo
Original music by: Ferde Grofé  
Produced by: Lippert Pictures Inc.  
Distributed by: Lippert Pictures Inc.
Wade Williams Productions
Rocketship X-M - The DVD
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Lloyd Bridges  -->  Colonel Floyd Graham
Osa Massen  -->  Dr. Lisa Van Horn
Noah Beery  -->  Major William Corrigan
John Emery  -->  Dr. Carl Eckstrom
Hugh O'Brian  -->  Harry Chamberlain
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volkiteRocket Ship XM
As opposed to other opinions in this forum, this is one of the [B]best[/B] science fiction movies ev...
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SplendiferousThis must be my lucky day...
How can you accidental ly land on Mars? I mean, the fact that the Moon is white/grey and Mars is r...
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