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SCREAMERS The Quick Guide

Screamers   Plot: On a planet ravaged by a decade of war, a peace-minded soldier must battle against a rogue, fast-evolving weapon species...

Figures: Canada / USA / Japan. 1995. 108 minutes. English. Color. Rated R.

The last scream you hear will be your own.

 Production team:  
Directed by: Christian Duguay  
Written by: Philip K. Dick
Dan O'Bannon
Miguel Tejada-Flores
Original music by: Normand Corbeil  
Produced by: Allegro Films
Triumph Films
Distributed by: Columbia Pictures
Triumph Films
Screamers - The BOOK
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Roy Dupuis  -->  Becker
Jennifer Rubin  -->  Jessica
Peter Weller  -->  Hendricksson
Andrew Lauer  -->  Ace Jefferson
Charles Powell  -->  Ross
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Optimus PrimeTrailer
Peter Weller seems to be in alot of these hokey sci-fi films. LOL Robocop will always be his best fi...
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davecallaway200why didn't screamers
Its cool movie. Its based on a Philip K. D*ck story which I have read, the movie is true to the stor...
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NexusOriginal Movie Poster
No, but it's incredibly similar. It's a very cliched tagline though....
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