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Six Days in Roswell

Six Days in Roswell   Plot: Experts and alleged abductees come together in a town famous for UFO sightings and government cover-ups...

Figures: USA. 1998. 82 minutes. English. Color.

It's incredible because, what might have happened, might have happenned...

 Production team:  
Directed by: Timothy B. Johnson  
Written by:  
Original music by: Billy Sullivan
Walter Werzowa
Jimmie Wood
Produced by: Benevolent Authority
Neo Art And Logic
Distributed by: Monarch Films  
Six Days in Roswell - The DVD
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Rende Coward  -->  Interviewer's Mother
Richard Kronfeld  -->  Interviewer
Dennis Balthaser  -->  Himself
Bob Barnes  -->  Himself
Deon Crosby  -->  Himself
Robert O. Dean  -->  Himself
Stanton T. Friedman  -->  Himself
Peter Gersten  -->  Himself
Budd Hopkins  -->  Himself
Debra L. Lindemann  -->  Herself
Donald R. Schmitt  -->  Himself
Yvonne Smith  -->  Herself
Whitley Strieber  -->  Himself
Jesse Ventura  -->  Himself

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Optimus PrimeTrailer
All I can say is, Wow. Just wow. I once thought going to Roswell would be neat, but not anymore LOL...
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SeraphOriginal Movie Poster
Assuming it would be very similar (as most older/low budget stuff is): [url]http: //www. thedigital...
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argh! another me! I got confused for a minute there. Greetings fellow Jawa. :yoda:...
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