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Six Days in Roswell

Roswell attendee: I think the government is a little bit afraid of them because they might displace the government and they might bring their culture to us instead of us bringing our culture to them. We might lose our franchise rights. I mean we wouldn't be able to open a McDonald's on their planet; they would be opening a McWhatever on our planet instead.

Richard Kronfeld: I was wondering why the aliens chose to come to Roswell.

[Richard Kronfeld arriving in late, last position in biking competition]
They said everybody is a winner, even if you don't win a prize... just like the Special Olympics.

Richard Kronfeld: I hear you have a pizza shaped like a UFO.
Restaurant owner: That's correct sir; it weights 20 pounds.

[Inside Richard Kronfeld's apartment/lab]
Richard Kronfeld: This is my portable Morse code kit and on the Morse code, when I got it, it's all in oriental so I can't really use it. It's kinda neat, anyway.

Tom Nelson: Trinityte is the atomic glass from ground zero. It is fused sand.

Director: Has he ever had a girlfriend?
Mother: Rich? Well, you know, actually not, or at least not that I know of... I guess he just doesn't have time for girls.
Richard Kronfeld: You, you said you weren't gonna ask me questions about my girlfriend... about that stuff...

Richard Kronfeld: Would you want to get abducted by aliens?
Man: It all depends on how you feel about being probed.

Richard Kronfeld: You're the driver, uh?
Bus driver: I'm howling these people down; I want to expose the government conspiracy that's been going on in this country for years.
Richard Kronfeld: Is that why you're going down there?
Bus driver: That's right. They found them bodies 50 years ago I know it. They're hiding from 'em. It's the IRS, it's the CIA, it's the FBI, it's the INS, it's the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms people. They try to keep things from us! [...] Roswell was one of them, they've got the Bahamas Triangle down there, they've got the Kennedy assassination, and over here they've got the orange stuff they were stayin' on un in Viet Nam. It's all a conspiracy and we're gonna go down there and make the government expose this stuff once and for all. [...] It's the Constitution. There's nothing in that Constitution about an income tax.

Saleswoman: The crystals I'm selling, Mr. Corn was gracious enough to allow me to put these on the landing site for three weeks.
Richard Kronfeld: What do they do, they were energized?
Saleswoman: Three weeks is the turnover time for any energy, and they were put there for three weeks... and they captured something because they just feel wonderful.

[Richard Kronfeld enjoys electronics a lot]
Jean-René Dufort (Montréal lunatic): [waving a metal detector] So I bought this in Radio Shack in Montréal. And it's very easy. When you find metals, like this [detector beeps], it make noise.
Richard Kronfeld: They have Radio Shacks in Montréal?
Jean-René Dufort (Montréal lunatic): Yes, and I knew that I was going to visit Roswell and I'm looking for pieces of the flying saucer.
Richard Kronfeld: Are there a lot of Radio Shacks in Canada?
Jean-René Dufort (Montréal lunatic): Yes there are.
Richard Kronfeld: All over the place, like in America?
Jean-René Dufort (Montréal lunatic): Yes.
Richard Kronfeld: Really.
Jean-René Dufort (Montréal lunatic): Yes, we are normal people.
Richard Kronfeld: I'd like to get abducted, do you know anybody that is an expert in that or has any information?
Jean-René Dufort (Montréal lunatic): Maybe you can make yourself appealing to extra-terrestrials.

Video cam lady: This is the area from where we have captured over a thousand hours of daytime UFO footage since March 1st, 1994. We set-up a camera 2 to 16 hours a day and just let it film the skies. Every 2 hours we come out and change the tape.
Richard Kronfeld: Do you capture stuff quite often?
Video cam lady: Practically everyday.

Jean-René Dufort (Montréal lunatic): I have a case, near Montréal, of two guys, 25 years old, and they were in a field and an alien chased them and they grabbed their balls.
Richard Kronfeld: Their balls?
Jean-René Dufort (Montréal lunatic): Their balls.
Richard Kronfeld: What, their baseballs?
Jean-René Dufort (Montréal lunatic): Genitals.
Richard Kronfeld: Oh!
Jean-René Dufort (Montréal lunatic): Yes.

Roswell attendee: Everybody here is searching and we are in science fiction right now, science faction I like to call it.

Jean-René Dufort (Montréal lunatic):'s called Mont St-Hilaire and they say that it's a base for UFOs near Montréal.

Richard Kronfeld: The festival banquet was held in Hangar 84. This is where they had first brought the wreckage and the bodies. They had various machinery on display, things like the stuff that may have actually been used at the time. It was 25$ a plate and I wasn't really hungry, but it was worth it to eat dinner in the exact hangar where the dead alien bodies were once stored.

Teen girl: My dad had aliens come into his room and he had really bad allergies and sinus problems, and they stuck a stainless steel probe up his nose... and he was cured for the next two days...


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