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Six Days in Roswell

Human Rating: 3.5 / 5 Alien Rating: Government Cover Up

Everything... we just put alien in it, it sells!

Six Days in RoswellDo you believe in aliens? Have you ever seen aliens? Are you an alien? If you replied yes to any of these questions, you really should have spent six days in Roswell starting July 1st, 1997. Yup, Roswell, New Mexico, the birthplace of modern UFO pop-culture. Thanks to the video-released Six Days in Roswell documentary, you'll feel as if you had taken part of the fun-filled festivities surrounding the 50-year anniversary of the legendary UFO crash.

Six Days in Roswell is the journal of a man, Richard Kronfeld, who travels to the Roswell celebrations in search of information, evidence, social contact and the possible abduction experience. Granted, this film is not your regular sci-fi flick, but rather a movie-long documentary about a 50-year-old social phenomenon that has compelled the creation of so many "alien invasion" and "first contact" movies that are still produced to this day. And it is hilarious to boot!

Six Days in RoswellRichard Kronfeld, which first appeared in the sister documentary Trekkies (1997), isn't your typical citizen. Shy, stereotyped, junk collector, fond of Captain Pike (Star Trek's first ever Enterprise captain), this acted-out narrator/interviewer nonetheless achieves to grasp the audience by... having you feel really sorry for him. Much like witnessing a kid singing poorly on an elementary school talent show, when looking at him work you'll share the pride of the parents, the support of the music teacher... and all the embarrassment of the ill at ease crowd.

All along Rich's quest, you'll meet a lot of passionate alien believers. From the wise researchers to the costumed freaks (*lots of them*), from the confident faith-bearers to the alien-snake-oil salesmen, Six Days in Roswell looks like an economy-class tour of the Rio Festival, all the Hollywood wardrobes, country folk festivals and your local mental nuthouse... all brought together for your enjoyment. Looking at all those proud folks being made fun of, the science fiction adept will either find laughter... or awkwardness and the guaranteed desire to hide under the rug. [Editor's note: The reviewer did feel both ways :) ] On a more serious note, the ufologist will also find a few familiar faces (Stanton T. Friedman, Whitley Strieber, Robert O. Dean...) and some slightly less relevant icons (Jesse Ventura in a raspberry parade...)

Six Days in RoswellIt is important to mention that the whole documentary is presented in a very, very comical way. Behind a paper-thin mask of unbiased journalism, Six Days in Roswell deliberately tilts the balance towards showing the eerie feeling of the Roswell partying and the extreme eccentricity of many of the participants. However fun and exaggerated the people and events may seem, the overall effect is neither of ridicule nor disbelief, but rather of understanding and awe.

In the end, what Six Days in Roswell is doing is exploring openly the bizarre effects of alien and UFO pop-culture. X-Files, alien-abduction stories, government cover-ups, all those concepts are now engraved in the mind of the common citizen, at least in western societies. In an era where distrust in established power is increasing steadily and voter confidence is low, individuals seek to find new faith and belief icons. Aliens and UFO have been very fashionable sanctuaries... and some refugees simply decided to gather for a week in Roswell to party down and have some genuine, innocent fun.

Six Days in Roswell isn't your neighbor's boring summer-vacation home video. This film is a walk on the wild side of science fact and fiction brought together. If you haven't seen Trekkies (1997) yet, rent or buy both. You will not regret having seen this jewel of a documentary. It sure beats many commercial blockbusters playing in theaters.

Review by René-Marc Simard.

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