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Space Cowboys

Young Frank Corvin: That's were we're goin'!
Young Bob Gerson: Ladies and gentlemen, I would like you to meet the first American to cross into outer space...

Sara Holland: Eleven days ago, atmospheric tracking determined that Russian satellite Icon [...] will reenter Earth's atmosphere in 30 to 40 days.

Sara Holland: Is there anyone still alive who can fix this thing?

Frank Corvin: The clock's ticking Bob, and I'm only getting older...

Frank Corvin: NASA wants to send us into space, I told them I'd only do it if the Original team did the job...

Tank Sullivan: I might need to pray about this...

Tank Sullivan: Why the hell not?

Bob Gerson: You and your entire crew will have to meet the exact physical requirements as any other astronaut here.

Sara Holland: These men are the pioneer of this business... they were around when rockets were born.

Jerry O'Neil: My damn teeth are falling...
Frank Corvin: Damn Jerry!

Frank Corvin: Stick to their protocol, will you Hawk?

Eugene Davis: Suck it to 'em!

[During liftoff]
Tank Sullivan: Thank you God!

Sara Holland: General, just what sort of modifications have your people made here?

Bob Gerson: Your mission never gonna make it back to the ship.

Hawk Hawkins: Yeah, I thought that this' gonna be hard!


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