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SPHERE The Quick Guide

Sphere   Plot: A spaceship is discovered under 300 years' worth of coral growth at the bottom of the ocean...

Figures: USA. 1998. 134 minutes. English. Color. Rated PG-13.

Terror can fill any space.

 Production team:  
Directed by: Barry Levinson  
Written by: Paul Attanasio
Michael Crichton
Stephen Hauser
Kurt Wimmer
Original music by: Elliot Goldenthal  
Produced by: Baltimore Pictures
Constant c Productions
Punch Productions
Distributed by: Roadshow Film Distributors
Warner Bros.
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Dustin Hoffman  -->  Dr. Norman Goodman
Samuel L. Jackson  -->  Dr. Harry Adams
Sharon Stone  -->  Dr. Beth Halperin
Peter Coyote  -->  Captain Harold C. Barnes
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SeraphYes, its another "star" poll...
[QUOTE][i] Originally posted by Seraph [/i] [B]3 bombs for a great concept, (though I did guess ...
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Loved the book - still can't get through the beginning of the film. It sends me to sleep every time...
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SplendiferousOriginal Movie Poster
I've tried to watch this, I've tried so many times. I've got it on video for a pound, just to make ...
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