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Starship Troopers

The fort defense scene contains many references to Zulu (1964): "You're all going to die!", "Fire at will" and "Withdraw to the main compound", along with some similar camera angles.

Director Paul Verhoeven directed the co-ed shower scene naked because some of his actors were feeling uncomfortable.

Michael Ironside's line "They sucked his brains out!" is the same as a line he spoke in Scanners.

Cyrano, Carl's pet, was originally scripted as being a frog.

Clancy Brown and Michael Ironside each starred as the main villain in a "Highlander" movie.

The screen of Rico's computer in the classroom shows the word "fedpaint" at the lower border.

The band at the graduation party plays a David Bowie song called "I Have Not Been To Oxford Town." The lyrics are reworked a bit to refer to the 23rd century rather than the 21st.

Robert Heinlein's novel includes this historical note about Rodger Young (after whom a starship in the story is named): Young, Rodger W., Private, 148th Infantry, 37th Infantry Division (The Ohio Buckeyes); born Tiffin, Ohio, 28 April, 1918; dies 31 July, 1943, on the island of New Georgia, Solomons, South Pacific, while single-handedly attacking and destroying an enemy machine-gun pillbox. His platoon had been pinned down by intense fire from this pillbox; Private Young was wounded in the first burst. He crawled toward the pillbox, was wounded a second time but continued to advance, firing his rifle as he did so. He closed on the pillbox, attacked and destroyed it with hand grenades, but in doing so he was wounded a third time and killed. His bold and gallant action in the face of overwhelming odds enabled his teammates to escape without loss; he was awarded posthumously the Medal of Honor.

The DVD release features deleted scenes. These scenes are mostly references to how Carmen Ibanez gets sexually involved with both Johnny Rico and Zander Barcalow. There is also a alternate ending where Johnny and Carmen kiss and are "back together."

To avoid an NC-17 rating, 4 seconds had to be trimmed from a decapitation during the last battle at the military base.

Facts courtesy of Internet Movie Database and TriStar Pictures & Touchstone Pictures.

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