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Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Given Arnold Schwarzenegger's $15 million salary and his total of 700 words of dialog, that translates to $21,429 per word. "Hasta la vista, baby" cost $85,716.

Scenes in the screenplay but not filmed:
  • Extended Future War sequence where the resistance won and enter a SkyNet lab where they find the time-portal and a storage facilities of Terminators. You also see Reese talking to John;
  • Sarah's ECT where Sarah is fitted for electro-convulsive therapy and voltage is pumped into her;
  • Salceda's death sequence: Salceda's dog starts barking, Salceda goes out, tries to shoot the T-1000 and fails. The T-1000 uses the pointed finger/sword trick to Salceda's shoulder blades saying "I know this hurts. Where is John Connor". Salceda curses him and his hands search around the ground near some crates that held grenades. He kills himself and hopefully the T-1000 with one. No luck. T-1000 head falls off but like the little piece in the asylum escape sequence, it oozes back into his boots. Yolanda sees this and hugs the baby as T-1000 steps closer. T-1000 picks up the baby and gets the info from her as where John and others had gone;
  • Gant Ranch: This section was a longer version of Salceda's and refers to Travis Gant, "crazy ex-Green Beret" that John mentions his mother seeing before she was caught. Longer and has romantic notions between the two. After Sarah, John & the T-800 left, T-1000 kills Gant as he did like with John's "Mom". Disguised as Gant's lover, he easily stepped up to him and tortured him for answers before killing him;
  • Dyson's Vision Sequence: Dyson, the creator of the new processor had a dream sequence before he died and dropped the device on the trigger. In it he saw a picture of his family before a nuclear explosion turned it to ash. He sees his family running and then a scene of the sun as it pulls back to reveal Dyson's dying eye before he closes it and drops the book.
Scenes filmed but not included in the theatrical release:
  • Sarah Connor was to have a dream where Reese appears and warns her that THEIR son is in danger. She has to save him, etc. They kiss and then she wakes up. This is the only scene Michael Biehn was in, and appeared in some promotional trailers.
  • Another hospital scene was cut that took place directly after the pre-med students peer into Sarah's room. The doctor reminds the orderlies to make sure she gets her medication. The cut scene was of the staff coming in to give her the pills. They smack her in the gut with their batons and force the pills down her throat, then kick her while she's on the floor doubled over in pain;
  • After the T-1000 kills John's foster parents, he ventures outside to get the dog to shut-up. He reaches down and snatches the collar off the dog, thus killing the dog. On the collar is stamped the dog's name "Max". The T-1000 realizes he has been duped by John (actually the T-800 imitating John's voice) by calling the dog "Wolfie."
  • After killing the dog, the T-1000 goes to John's room to try to any clues as to where John might be. He stalks around the room waving his arms and "feeling" things on the shelves, on the walls, etc. He eventually stops in front of a poster, and without feeling it, realizes there is something behind it. He rips it down and finds a box of mementos (pictures, and the like). This must be where the T-1000 figures out about the desert compound that Sarah, John, and the T-800 head to after the hospital. Director James Cameron decided to cut it because it made the T-1000 look to much like it had X-Ray vision;
  • At the abandoned gas station, a scene involved Sarah and John talking with the T-800 about learning. He tells them that his CPU was switched to read-only before being sent out. Cyberdyne doesn't want them to learn too much while on their own. John asks can it be switched and he says yes. You then see the T-800's face in a "mirror" talking Sarah through the procedure. A puppet was used for the foreground Sarah to work on and Linda Hamilton's twin sister Leslie Hamilton Gearren was in the mirror mimicking Linda Hamilton's hand movements. After the CPU is removed, the T-800 shuts-down and Sarah places it on a table. She picks up a hammer and tries to smash it to render him inoperative. John stops her and says they need him. He starts to show authority for the first time and says to Sarah, "How am I supposed to be a world leader if my own mother won't listen to me?";
  • While in the desert, John attempts to teach the T-800 to smile. He tells him that he looks like a dork because he doesn't smile. He studies a man on the phone and tries to copy him;
  • A scene in a SkyNet-free future, with Sarah Connor as an older woman giving a monologue about how John become a senator.
James Cameron once owned a dog named "Wolfie".

The tourist taking photographs of the Terminator in the mall is in fact co-writer William Wisher Jr.

The badge on the T-1000's uniform reads "Austin" (named after producer Stephanie Austin), although it is not fully visible in the film.

A promotional trailer for the film included a scene not in the film: the T-800 being constructed.

The T-800's "point-of-view" scenes at the biker's bar identify a Harley Davidson "Fatboy", and a carcinogen in the cigar smoke.

The T-800 carries a gun in a box of roses. Some of the soundtrack was written by "Guns 'n Roses".

For the truck scene, they modified a normal truck to hide the usual steering wheel, and added a cosmetic steering wheel on the right side. In addition, the truck had a mirror-image license plate and other necessary stuff.

The T-800's bike jump into the stormwater drain was performed by a stuntman Peter Kent. The motorbike was supported by 1-inch cables, so that when they hit the ground, the bike and rider only weighted 180 pounds. The cables were later digitally erased.

More explicit shots of the arm cutting scene were removed.

The special effects crew had to incorporate Robert Patrick's football-injury limp in their animation of the T-1000. Next, they filmed the stuff with the T-1000 pretending to be driving from the right-hand steering wheel (wearing a mirror-image police uniform), while the real driver was hidden under a black hood at the lowered real steering wheel. For the final film, the scenes were flipped left-to-right to make it all look right, and combined with footage shot with a normal truck driving in the drain. This was done so that Robert Patrick could concentrate on acting rather than driving. They accidentally caught a street sign; after they mirror-imaged the scene, they digitally reversed the text on the sign so it would appear correct.

The pumps at the gas station from which the station wagon is stolen bear the logo of Benthic Petroleum, a reference to The Abyss (1989) also directed by James Cameron.

The date of the fictional Judgment Day, 29 August 1997, is the anniversary of the Soviet Union's first detonation of an atomic bomb in 1949.

The same videocassette that contains the infamous Rodney King beating was used earlier that day to tape the film crew shooting the exterior of the bar for the beginning scene.

After throwing the T-800 through the shopping center window, the T-1000 glances at a mannequin that is entirely covered with chrome.

The T-1000 tells the helicopter pilot to "Get out!". This is an interesting parallel to The Terminator (1984), in which the T-800 gives the same command to a truck driver under similar circumstances.

The explosive ("polydichloric euthimal") used to destroy the Cyberdyne building shares this name with a powerful hallucinogenic drug featured in Outland (1981).

The T-800 loses its left arm, and hauls itself forward with its right. The same thing happened to the T-800 in The Terminator (1984).

The T-1000 has at least three hands when it is flying the helicopter.

Linda Hamilton's twin Leslie Hamilton Gearren played the T-1000 when it was imitating Sarah Connor.

Identical twins Don Stanton and Dan Stanton played the hospital security guard and the T-1000.

The T-800 says "I need a vacation", which Arnold Schwarzenegger previously said in Kindergarten Cop (1990). This was not in the script, but ad-libbed.

Arnold Schwarzenegger said during the making of this film that he would never play another evil character again, but he later played the villain Mr. Freeze in Batman & Robin (1997).

A "T-800" is a parallel CPU usually found running OCCAM.

Facts courtesy of Internet Movie Database and TriStar Pictures.

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